Ange King - FRANCE

Musician who comes from Marseille, Ange King got a huge sensitivity of music from the heart, the Blues inspired by the great Muddy Waters, who took every opportunity to highlight harmonica music in his own work. In turn, Ange discovered a real passion for harmonica. He played with Edwin Denninger Group and in many festivals as Cabannes, the Blues Festival of Marseille, with the Muddys Street Blues Band in the Jazz Festival of Crau and also on many blues stages in the area. And let us not forget his trips to USA, where he shared the stage with several local music groups at the Vaso Club and at the Spotted Cat in New-Orleans, which were very meaningful experiences.

His powerful and intense music left no one indifferent.

Ange King will take everybody in his immoderation. This giant plays with one of the smallest instrument: harmonica. Blues, more and more, sometimes soft, sometimes blasting, his own style keeps up with the character, who is also what a vocalist.” – extracted from the Journal La Provence.

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