Fabrice Mailly - FRANCE

Fabrice has been immersed in rock’n’roll and blues music since he was a young boy. In the 90’s, he discovered the importance and the potential of the harmonica in these musical registers.

After many years of research and work, he decided to take part in a band, and then another one… until he found one that fitted him so well. In the 2000s, he has been playing in many groups, asWALKIN’BLUES, WILD BOOGIE COMBO, and in recent times, he is performing with Jake Calypso and  Archie Lee Hooker who is John Lee Hooker’s nephew. Thanks to this numerous chances where he meets great musicians, he understands that beyond the playing level, the most important remains to have fun and pleasure. Furthermore, he is also thrilled to give harmonicas lessons, passing on his passion.  

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