Jamy Lasell - USA

Jamy Lasell, was born in 1951 and raised in the North Eastern United States. He started playing harmonica on a dare from his mother, well, a dare and a bribe.  She played them a tune and then challenged them, his siblings, to play the same tune, the first one to do it would get a dollar.  She claims his brother beat him to the dollar, but Jamy got to keep playing the harmonica and have been an amateur player since.  He was introduced to the blues and Little Richard at age 12, followed by the Rolling Stones and the Chicago/Delta Schools, only in his late teens finding the Piedmont Style.  

In his 20 ’s and 30’s he lived in the Maine woods without electricity and a sorry lack of music.  

Finally, he met a group of musicians and they started what has turned into a 40 years collaboration of live music, one result can be heard on the album Meet the Hay Pond Rounders*.  Unfortunately, at the time of recording he was living and working in New Jersey, playing weekly at a club called Hat City Kitchen among other bars in the area, so he only got a single track on a song he was practicing.  After his teens, he dropped the expensive harmonica and picked up any available instrument to play with the band.  

At age sixty he walked into a local club, saw people playing harp and told himself he could do that, so he again picked up the harmonica.  Being richer he invested in getting the right equipment.  Where men of his age often buy a sports car, still the frugal farmer of his youth, he bought harmonicas.  He tried every brand he could find, ending up with a motley assortment of harps, mics and amps.

But when a friend in his small harmonica club showed him the Yonberg website he decided to try one and the rest is history.  He had found his instrument.  

His double set, is always ready for a night out, first line ready, backups right behind them. He is not done rocking yet and is headed for the recording studio this year.  Remember that name

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