Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite: back for another great success


For the second time Ben Harper and harmonica player Charlie Musselwhite tune their instruments and talents. After the album "Get Up" in 2013, the two artists come back with a new album: "No Mercy In This Land".

From the first notes, we already feel the energy of the blues that will emerge from the whole album. This collaboration had already conquered many fans 4 years ago, and today these two giants of music are back for the greatest pleasure of the blues lovers. The two friends will start their tour on the same date as the release of the album: March 30, 2018.


You will soon be able to acquire the album of the two bluesmen. But Ben Harper dispelled the veil of mystery, consisting of 10 songs cradled by the harmonica of Charlie Musselwhite and the voice of Ben Harper, the album is about to have a promising success!


To get a foretaste: the « No Mercy In This Land » album tracklist


  1. When I Go
  2. Bad Habits
  3. Love And Trust
  4. The Bottle Wins Again
  5. Found The One
  6. When Love Is Not Enough
  7. Trust You To Dig My Grave
  8. No Mercy In This Land
  9. Movin’ On
  10. Nothing At All