Yonberg partner of « Musique à Beauregard »

From 3rd to 7th July, YONBERG organizes a contest on Facebook page, to offer you the possibility to win 2 places to attend the 21st July evening of the festival « musique à Beauregard ». Beija Jeanzac of the #YonbergTeamArtists will be on stage at an altitude of 1500m facing to the Mont Blanc for a concert marked by improvisation and taking up the major themes of jazz and international variety.


"Musique à Beauregard" is an association whose objective is to highlight the « plateau de Beauregard » in Thônes (74) through quality musical events.


The first edition will take place on 20, 21 and 22 July. In a green setting, in the heart of the pastures, the talent of 5 young artists will resonate in the middle of the mountains. Guillaume Vincent (from Annecy) on piano, Yan Levionnois on cello, Jeanne Gérard and Tatiana Probst on vocals, and Beija Jeanzac on harmonica will give three performances on repertoire ranging from classical to variety.


After the performances, a dinner will be offered to all in the presence of the artists.


Note: a musical and pedagogical excursion is planned on the 21st of July in the morning to discover music to the youngest in the nature.


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