The right things to do for maintaining your instrument


In order to sustain the power of your harmonica, maintain a brilliant sound rich in harmonics and grant it a long life, Yonberg recommends you follow these few guidelines:

1. After playing:

After each use, shake the harmonica slightly upside down and leave it in the air for a few moments to let moisture and condensation escape. Then replace it in its case to protect it from dust. 

2. After eating:

Avoid playing right after a meal and respect good oral hygiene. It is advisable to wash your teeth or at least rinse your mouth before playing to avoid any food detritus that could block the reeds or even break in the long term under pressure. 

3. Dismounting and reassembling:

Dismount the harmonica regularly to clean it meticulously. This practice is greatly facilitated by Yonberg's patented quick dismounting system. The latter allows a very simple and ultra-fast disassembly of the instrument in less than a minute. Simply unscrew the three screws using the small screwdriver provided in the case during the purchase to completely disassemble the harmonica, remove the reedplates and thus directly access reeds in the heart of the instrument.


Then proceed with the cleaning like this:


• Fill the 1/4 with a glass of white vinegar and fill with hot water,

• Immerse the comb and the two reedplates in the mixture and leave for 10 minutes,

• Rinse with clear water,

• Arrange the pieces on a clean, dry cloth

• Dry gently with a hair dryer.


Reassembly in reverse is just as easy and fast as dismounting.


A harmonica used regularly is cleaned about every 2 months while an annual cleaning is enough for a harmonica used more rarely.

You can also watch the following video to observe a cleaning in pictures done by professional Beija Jeanzac: I watch the video


You now know how to pamper your favorite instrument, so take great care and it's a powerful sound, rich and clear that will thank you!

The Yonberg Team