A unique design 

The estheticism of Yonberg harmonicas is unique and immediately recognizable. Each proposed key  (D,G,C,A,Bb,F) is identified by a specific color. Combs and covers are also customizable with color. 


The asymmetrical shape, typical of Yonberg harmonica, offers easy and instinctive handling without the risk of taking the wrong side of the instrument, even in the dark.

Holding of a microphone is also greatly facilitated by the very compact size of Yonberg harmonica.

Comfort of lips is guaranteed by the ergonomics of the covers whose faces are carefully rounded and the mouthpiece is slightly curved in the longitudinal direction for avoiding to hurt the corners of mouth particularly when playing in Tongue Blocking technic.

Technical assets

  • Hourglass profil channels

Airflow channels of Yonberg harmonicas are shaped with a hourglass profile. This innovative configuration allow to accelerate flows of air at the middle portion of the chanels to create a venturi effect reducing air leakages along the longitudinal edges of the reeds, thereby contributing to an optimal airtightness of the instrument.

Moreover the bottom of the profiled channels is arranged as a semi-elliptical chamber designed to optimize the flow of air while limiting harmful turbulences at the free end of blow reeds and draw reeds.

  • The conical comb

The power of Yonberg harmonicas is optimal thanks to large opening of the covers on pavilion side which is permitted by the conical profil of the comb and thanks to the wide air intakes fitted in these covers and lateraly located outside of the handling areas to enable the instrument to freely « breathe »


  • Richie Faret / Sallanches (74), FRANCE 

'Its Quick Dismantling System […] is very aesthetic and is only the visible top of the iceberg'
'An exceptionnal look…'
'A Star Wars design and acidulous colours…'

  • Jamy Lasell / Orange (NJ), USA 

'The wider spacing is designed for the adult mouth'
'Design is why I chose this brand and plan to stick with it'
'I like the fact that the instrument is flashy.  Performing live is partly about showmanship'
'Having an instrument that is as sexy as an Italian accordion, that has the richness of tone of a German violin, the ooh la la of a french chorus line, the durability of an English gardening tool, all combine to put the swing in a Texas polka, the gravel in a Delta blues, the jump in a Jersey jive'

  • Mike Bene Bennett / Exeter, UK 

“Then along came the Yonberg [...] looking more like Captain Kirk’s weapon of choice rather than the traditional Mississippi Tin Sandwich”