The YONBERG's expertise


The D2 is equipped with particular covers, highly technical, made of a polycarbonate frame associated with an stamped and very rigid plate made of stainless steel 0.04 inch thick. These covers constitute real acoustic mirrors giving a big, bright and rich in overtones sound.

The large air intakes on the sides of covers allowing the harmonica to freely "breathe" and the conical shape of the comb resulting in a wide opening of the covers at the pavilion side, also contributes to obtain this powerful sound.


The D2 model adopts characteristic asymmetrical shape of Yonberg harmonicas, offering an easy and instinctive handling without any risk of taking the wrong side of the harp.

The holding of the microphone is also really perfect due to the very compact size of the D2 harmonica.


Comfort of lips is guaranteed by the ergonomics of the covers whose faces are carefully rounded and the mouthpiece is slightly curved in the longitudinal direction for avoiding to hurt the corners of mouth especially when playing in "Tongue Blocking technic".


Channels are wasp waist-shaped to accelerate the air flows in the middle portion of the channels, that creates a venturi effect, reducing air leakages along the longitudinal sides of the reeds.

The semi-elliptical rooms arranged at the ends of channels facilitate air flows while limiting harmful turbulences at the free ends of blow and draw reeds.

The two polycarbonate injected covers, stiffened by the strong stamped stainless steel plates, constitute a true clamp ensuring a complete airtightness thanks to the perfect flattening of various elements together under the thrust of the three 0.12 inch diameter clamping screws.

By cantilever effect, covers also provide a perfect airtightness in the central area of the mouthpiece.

The QDS concept (Quick Dismantling System)

Tuning and maintenance of this D2 are simplified by the simple and rapid disassembly of this harmonica (less than one minute). Indeed, you just have to unscrew the three large 0.12 inch screws to disassemble the harmonica to access to the reed plates in the heart of the instrument.

Reassembly in reverse direction is just as easy and fast as dismantling.

D2 Yonberg is protected by several patents, designs and trademarks.


Your harmonica will be delivered in a box which is specially designed for Yonberg harmonicas to prevent condensation thanks to the ventilation openings arranged in its side faces.

Inside this box you will find a mini Phillips screwdriver allowing easy and quick  disassembly and reassembly for cleaning the instrument and it also contain a small leaflet giving maintenance advices.

All components of every Yonberg harmonicas are made in France. Only the reed plates equipped with stainless steel reeds are manufactured in Germany by Seydel.