Who are we ?

The story of Yonberg begins in the sixties on the  Plateau of  Beauregard, above Thones in the Haute-Savoie region, at an altitude of 1,600 meters , in the Alps, facing the Aravis and Mont Blanc ranges.

To pass the time Jean-Claude Bibollet played harmonica accompanied by the sound of bells worn by cows he kept with his brothers in the mountains.

It's a childhood memory he never forgot ,secretly hoping to be able to produce his own harmonicas in the future...

An engineer by training, passionate by design products and innovative concepts, he challenged himself a few years ago, by revolutionizing this small instrument, unchanging since its creation in 1850, to make it more modern, elegant and bringing all the soundwarm performance, ensuring that all the harmonica lovers will be fulfilled all around the world.

...they are now in your hands !!