General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions edited  by :

YONBERG sarl  -   Les Periades AZ des Vernaies  -  74230 THONES  -  FRANCE

Capital : 100.000 € -  SIRET number : 80808171 500019 - Vat number : FR11 808 081 715

By using the website, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by the conditions listed in this document that constitutes a contract between you and YONBERG sarl which is the owner of the here above mentioned website.

These conditions may be modified at any time by YONBERG sarl without notice. Please make sure to consult this document every time you use this website to take note of any changes that may have been made.

In case of any problem the user agrees to the jurisdiction of the court of ANNECY ( 74000 ) in France.

Privacy Policy

We will hold your private information in strict confidence and  We will not distribute or sell your private information or your E-Mail address to third parties.  

We will add your E-Mail address to our customer mailing list and customer E-Mail list. With our customer mailing list and E-Mail list we can notify you of changes to the website, new products or services, and specials.  If you do not want to get E-Mails you will be given a method to remove your address with the letter welcoming you to the list.

Return Policy

ALL sales from YONBERG sarl  are final. We do not accept returns unless an incorrect shipment was made.  If we have made an incorrect shipment to you,  you must get first a return authorization number  before returning the package.   If a returned package arrives  without a return authorization on the outside, the package will be refused and returned to you.  We will take no responsibility for packages that are sent to us without following this procedure so if you have received an incorrect shipment, we thank you to contact us  to request a return authorization number.  

Guarantee and repair procedure

YONBERG sarl warrants the harmonicas to be free from defects in materials and workmanship when leaving the factory. If you have received a defective product, or think you have a warranty issue with any of the products you have purchased from us, please contact  us for instructions to get your product repaired or replaced. 

Harmonicas found to contain manufacturing defects will be replaced or repaired by YONBERG sarl for a period of one Year  from the original date of purchase. This Guarantee does not include malfunction or damage due to misuse, abuse negligence nor repair or alteration not performed by YONBERG sarl.

Please note that reeds and valves are wearing parts and are not covered by the Guarantee so broken reeds, defective notes, tuning issue may occur with time and are not under warranty. Most of the time if you play your harmonica with a good mouth posiiton and without strain it will last from several months to several years. On the other hand if your position is bad or if you’re pushing hard to get some notes such as bends and overbends many problems may occur.

Any alterations or work done on the instruments by yourself voids the Guarantee.

Guarantee service will not be performed unless your proof of purchase is received and please always add your address and a short description of the problem and send the instrument  as clean as possible in a well protected package.

Shopping  Guaranteed Safe 

Your credit card informations are encrypted on our secure server for your protection.  If through no fault of your own, you experience any unauthorized use of your credit card as a result of shopping at YONBERG sarl, you should first follow the standard notification procedures required by your credit card company.  If your credit card issuer finds credit card fraud but does not completely waive your liability for the fraudulent charges, YONBERG sarl  will reimburse you for your losses, up to a maximum of fifty dollars ($50), which is the maximum for which your credit card company may hold you liable by law. The Credit Card Fraud Protection Guarantee applies only to purchases made on-line with YONBERG sarl.

How Long to receive my order

Most orders are shipped within two to three business days after you place your credit card order on our secure web site.  International orders take approximately one to two weeks from the time they are shipped. 

Shipping is by First Class Mail or Priority Mail with delivery confirmation to the USA.


If an item is backordered or out of stock, and your order is for three or more items, we will ship the balance of your order as usual, and the backordered or out of stock items will be shipped as soon as they become available.  If your order is for less than three items we will hold the entire order and ship it when the backordered item is available.  If this happens we will send you an email letting you know about the backorder condition.  We do not charge extra to ship backorders.

NOTE: Any duties, taxes, or customs charges that may be levied by your country are your responsibility and any prices quoted on our web site or by any other method do not include them.  Please consult your customs or postal service for information about these possible charges.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from the European Union applied from the May 25th, 2018, we are updating our database management policy.

1.Customer Area

The creation of a customer area is essential to order in the YONBERG Harmonicas commercial website. The customer will be asked to share some personnels information. The client engage himself to share correct information under penalty of account removal from the editor.  Diverse types of information are considered as essentials to make a contract and their collect is obligatory to create a customer area and the confirmation for the creation of the account. If a client refuses to provide specifics information, it will not be possible for them to create an account, in consequence the impossibility to order products. This area permit to the customer to consult all the orders placed on the commercial website and to follow the delivery. If the data stocked in the customer area disappear in case of a technical failure, or a case of absolute necessity, the commercial website editor responsibility could not be engaged. The editor commits to keep all the data secure concerning the law. The area customers pages are freely printable by the account holder, but they can be considered as a proof of law, they are strictly considered as informative and can only be used by the client to keep a track of their orders. During the creation of the client account, the user is invited to create a password. This password represents the guaranty of the confidentiality and the security for the account, and protect the information collected. The user must not share the personal information with a third party. The website editor could not be considered as responsible regarding unauthorized access to the client account. The website editor reserves the right to delete the account of every member who has not respected the term and general conditions. If an account is deleted, it is not possible for the member, to pretend received an indemnity. This exclusion can permit to the website editor, to intimate some legal proceeding against the member, when the fact will be justified.



When the customer checks the newsletter box or deliver a message to subscribe to it, they accept that the website editor can deliver regularly some emails with diverse information relating to YONBERG Harmonica. When the customer checks the newsletter box or deliver a message to subscribe to it, they accept to receive commercial offers from the website editor. Every subscribers could at any time unsubscribe from the newsletter by checking the link in every email from the newsletter.

3.Collect personal data

Collected data

The personal data are collected in the following case:

  • Connexion: When the user login on the website, divers type of data is collected such as   the name, connection data, customer behaviour, purchasing habits, localisation and payment information.
  • Profile: When the customer use some of services offered by the website, the editor could collect several information regarding the phone number and postal address.
  • Payment: When the customer buys some products on the website or use services, the payment data are saved regarding to the bank account or to the credit card.
  • Communication: When the website is used to communicate with other members, de date is temporary saved.
  • Cookies: The cookies are used when a person visit a website. The user can turn off the cookies.

 Use of personal data

The personal data are collected from the users in order to create the best service for them, to improve the website, and make it secure. More precisely, the personal data are used to:

  • Access use bah the client.
  • Management operation and optimization.
  • Organization of the term of use and payment services.
  • Verification, identify, authentication, of the data shared by the user.
  • Suggestion by the website editor to communicate with the other users.
  • Assistance for the users.
  • Possibility to personalize the advertising service by using the user’s historic.
  • Prevention and detection of fraud (malicious software, virus).
  • Litigation management.
  • Management of the commercial advertising.

Personal data shared with a third party

The personal data is collected to be shared with the others society, in the following case:

  • When the member, uses the payment service, because the company work with divers banking company and financial.
  • When the member publishes some comment on the website about public information.
  • When the member permit someone to use their data.
  • If the website editor work with providers regarding the advertisement, assistance, or for the payment, the provider gets a limited access to the customer’s personal data. They have a contractual obligation to use it in accordance with the law.
  • If the law require that the website must transmit several data to follow up divers complains, in this case, the website have to respect the administrative and judicial procedures.
  • If the website editor is concerned about a merge, acquisition or legal redress, she could surrender or share personal information. In this case, the users will be informed before the data will be shared to a third party.


Security et confidentiality

The website editor applies some measures concerning the organization, technical, software regarding digital security. The main goal of those actions is to protect the customers’ personal information against unauthorized access. However, internet is not safe at all regarding the security, therefore, the website cannot guaranty the safety of the data information.


Implementation of user’s rights

Regarding of the law application, concerning the personal data, the users have the following rights that they can defend at: 


-   The users can update or delete their data by connecting to at their customer account.

-   The users can delete their account by sending an email at The users must know that the information present in several forum, can be public on the website, even if the account is deleted.

-   The users could know which personal information the society got about them, they must write an email at In this case, the website editor can ask to the sender his identity by a proof as an identity paper.

-   If the personal information are false, the user can ask the website editor at to change it.

-   The users can ask for removal their personal information, in accordance with the law regarding the data protection, by writing an email at:

Evolution of the clause

The website reserves the right to make changes concerning the data protection law about personal information at every time. If the data protection clause is remove once more, the website editor engages himself to publish the updated terms on the website. The website editor will send a message to the users to inform them that the terms has changed within 15 days. If the users do not agree with the new data protection terms concerning the personal information, they have the possibility to delete their account.


4.Exemption of the publisher's responsibility in connection with the execution of this agreement

In case of impossibility to website access, because of technical problems or other type, the user or the client could not claim any damage, or any allowance. If the customers received a damage package, the client can refuse to keep it and claim to benefit of the guarantee offered by the delivery man. In order to benefit from the deliver guarantee, the client must inform by email in the sealer. In this case, the general terms and conditions regarding the delivery time are not applied. If one or several products are not available, it could not be considered as a prejudice and it is not possible to be consider as a proof for award of damages.

The visuals of the products, published on the website, guarantee the truth regarding the reality. However, concerning several aspects, for example the colours, or the shape can changes depending the screen and the quality of it. Those variations it could not be considered as a prejudice and it is not possible to be consider as a proof for award of damages. The website links could be posted by the website editor. If that website does not respect the data protection clause, the website editor is not responsible, and it could not be considered as a proof for award of damages.


5. Intellectual property rights relating to elements published on this site

All the element on the website belongs to the website editor and are protect by the intellectual property. The users without an authorization, can’t copy, spread, exploit, edit any information on the website, because if they do, they will be charged of judicial proceeding. This protection is available on every textual content, visuals, graphics and on the website structure, the name and the graphic charter.


6. Various clauses

The general conditions are subject to the French law. The general conditions can be modified by the website editor whenever they want. The general conditions applied by the website editor to the user are the day of they order, or at they login in the website. The website editor must keep the previous general conditions version and give the right to every user who ask, to communicate to them. Every legal attack against the website editor should regarding the general conditions, could be before, be share with the website editor to solve de problem by friendly settlement. If one of the clauses of the general conditions is notified nowhere by the justice, it does not work with the all other conditions.