Yonberg technology

The technology developed by Yonberg for many years is innovative, unique and recognized in the whole world.

All our diatonics models are using these advanced technologies for a powerful and awesome sound.

At Yonberg, between innovation and passion, it just takes a few steps.

Dare excellence.


QDS : Quick Dismantling System 

The QDS concept is based on the use of very rigid covers connected together by three screws passing through the entire instrument in order to constitute a clamp sandwiching the comb and the two reedplates.

Thanks to various support legs carefully disposed the reedplates are firmly pressed against the corresponding faces of the comb which ensures perfect airtightness between all these elements.

Through cantilever effect, rigid covers also provide total airtightness in the central area of the mouthpiece .

To completely disassemble the instrument there is only to simply unscrew the three "big" M3 screws for direct access to reeds for maintenance and adjustment.

Reassembly in reverse direction is just as easy and fast as dismantling.


Conical comb

The power of  Yonberg harmonicas is optimal thanks to the large opening of the covers on pavilion side which is permitted by the conical profil of the comb and thanks to the wide air intakes  fitted in these covers and lateraly located outside of the handling areas to enable the instrument to freely "breathe"


Hourglass profil channels

Airflow channels of Yonberg harmonicas are shaped with a hourglass profile. This innovative configuration allows to accelerate flows of air at the middle portion of the chanels to create a venturi effect reducing air leakages along the longitudinal edges of the reeds, thereby contributing to an optimal airtightness of the instrument.

Moreover the bottom of the profiled channels is arranged as a semi-elliptical chamber designed to optimize the flows of air while limiting harmful turbulences at the free end of blow reeds and draw reeds.


D2 Yonberg: ergonomics and lightness

Des Harmonicas Ergonomiques et Légers