Yonberg D2 - Storm

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The Yonberg D2 diatonic harmonica is equipped with stainless steel reeds that ensure durability.

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Customize your YONBERG harmonica :

  1. Choose your key tone
  2. Add the ‘Customization’ option to your basket (if you have several harmonicas to customize, select as many customization options as custom instruments required).
  3. Place your order
  4. Send an email to contact@yonberg.fr specifying : your first and last names, your order reference, and the colours of the parts to be modified.

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This Storm harmonica is equipped with covers associated with a stamped and stark plate made of stainless steel 0.04 inch thick.

All components of our harmonicas are made in France, except the reed plates equipped with stainless steel reeds that are manufactured in Germany by Seydel. 

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Technical specifications

  • Weight: 86 gr
  • Length: 4.33 inch
  • Max thickness: 0.82 inch
  • Max width at low reeds side: 1.49 inch
  • Max width at high reeds side:1.02 inch
  • Reed-plate with special stainless steel reeds made by SEYDEL
  • Black polycarbonate covers
  • Stainless steel, inox color rigid plates
  • Black screws
  • Black polycarbonate comb
  • Three M3 (0.12 inch) screws for a quick and easy  fully dismantled instrument: The QDS (Quick Dismantling System)
  • The two reed-plates are held in place by four pivoting hooks
  • Available in eleven different Richter keys. Depending of keys the standard colors are:
    • C => black color pivoting arms and key cap 
    • A => pearly boreal-blue color pivoting arms and key cap 
    • Ab => jade green color pivoting arms and key cap
    • G => pearly poppy red color pivoting arms and key cap
    • B => lime green color pivoting arms and key cap
    • Bb => cobalt yellow color pivoting arms and key cap
    • D => pearly purple color pivoting arms and key cap
    • Db => mauve purple color pivoting arms and  key cap
    • F => turquoise-blue color pivoting arms and key cap
    • E => silver grey color pivoting arms and key cap
    • Eb => pearly iceberg white color pivoting arms and key cap 

The initial tuning of our instruments is done in ‘Compromised Tuning’. If you want a ‘Just Intonation’ tuning, we thank you to specify it by email at contact@yonberg.fr including the references of your order.


  • Combs and covers in different colors to be able to very easily customize your harmonica within only some minutes.
  • The leather case, which is fully lined with a flap closure and a loop for passing the belt. 

Data sheet

TypeDiatonic harmonica
Reed plateSpecial stainless steel reeds made ​​by SEYDEL
CoversPolycarbonate with steel plate
AssemblyQDS concept

Chris Deremaux - Impro Blues in E (low quality excerpt)